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Whether you’re starting a new company, entering a new market or simply trying to expand your sales pipeline; understanding how telemarketing, market profiling and lead nurturing support your lead generation programs is essential. Each activity, although related, provides a very specific function within the lead generation landscape and needs to be utilized appropriately.

using telemarketing correctly for lead generation

Using Telemarketing Correctly

Of the three, telemarketing is the most familiar, the most commonly misused and one of the most publicly disdained aspects of lead generation. This is primary the fault of unscrupulous firms offering pay-for-performance telemarketing or corporations looking to cut corners by hiring unqualified, low-wage workers. These “dialing-for-dollars” operations have given telemarketing a bad reputation.

When managed properly telemarketing is an irreplaceable tool within the lead generation lifecycle. The key is understanding when, where and why to use it. In the broad sense, telemarketing should be utilized to answer these three questions:

  • Who are the decision makers within a specific company?
  • What are the major pain points influencing a buying decision?
  • What is the buying timeframe?

The way in which the answers to these three questions are uncovered is absolutely essential. Above all else, telemarketing must set the stage for future conversations with your organization. This is point at which pay-for-performance telemarketing and low cost operations fail, because they are only interested in the short-term results rather than the long-term success of your sales program.

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