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About Us

ResponsePoint provides our clients with an unusual hybrid of marketing and sales expertise. We specialize in lead generation, and over the past 30+ years, we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

Many businesses are struggling with their lead generation methods, and the most common challenge is a gap in the process between marketing and sales. That gap results in unqualified leads, cold leads, and a lot of frustration on the team.

We collaborate with businesses to pinpoint exactly what’s not working in the lead funnel, and then introduce more efficient and effective practices. We’re not just patching up the existing issues…we are creating a lead generation program that will result in a smoother process, a more unified team, and a bigger bottom line.

You could say we’re a little different from the others.

Our approach is built on authenticity, continuous evolution, and a drive for results. We’ll never suggest superfluous engagements, or programs that aren’t going to directly impact your ROI. We’re invested in your success, and each client relationship is built on trust, respect, and getting results. That means more qualified leads, and less that lead to nowhere.

Unlike the big agencies that fall back on cookie-cutter solutions, we know that every business has different needs. Every lead generation program we create is tailored to the business, allowing for continual refinement and optimization.

We get to know our clients and understand the vision.

We ask the questions that help us create the best possible solutions. And we treat this as a collaboration, because we are all a part of the program’s success.

We integrate seamlessly with your team.

We create a bridge between sales and marketing to ensure smooth function, viable leads, and follow-through.

We don’t waste a lot of time getting started.

We want to ramp up quickly and start moving the needle.

We communicate well, and often.

Our clients receive timely, strategic, actionable reports that give them a 360-degree look at the process as it’s ramping up.

We handle leads with speed and accuracy.

That increases your volume, streamlines your process and boosts your sales.

We’re a little obsessive.

When it comes to metrics and analytics, we really dig in to the data. We then merge that data with smart strategy and years of expertise to create a bulletproof process for a successful lead program.

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ResponsePoint takes a lot of pride in the work we do

And it shows in the results. If you’d like to talk to us about your lead generation challenges, please schedule a free phone consult. We’d be happy to see if it’s a good fit.