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On-demand webinars for lead generation are an important tool in the marketing portfolio of activities and tactics. They are a great way to present and share information, and also provide a valuable incentive to inspire prospects to take action.

Hosting a live webinar, however, is like rolling the dice with your customer experience. There are simply so many technical and logistical hurdles to overcome, that the chances of everything running exactly right are nearly as good as rolling consecutive sevens.

A more practical and manageable approach is to pre-record your webinars and provide them to your audience on-demand. This strategy not only minimizes your risk, it also significantly increases the value of the activity by:

  • Making it available when your customers and prospects want it (i.e. no set time)
  • Improving the quality of the event by allowing you to edit, adapt and manipulate the audio and presentation to suite your needs.
  • Extending the usable life of the webinar by storing it online.
  • Allowing you to better manage follow-up by automatically triggering responses based on user registration and views.
  • Better supporting the needs of multiple devices.

In addition to these advantages, with a little preparation, you can overcome the loss in personalization and feedback options of recorded on-demand webinars for lead generation by integrating technologies like instant chat and surveys directly into your recordings.