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Video is being widely integrated into B2B Lead generation programs as both the primary point for information and as a supporting resource. Fueling this growth is the proliferation of smart phones, iPads, Tablet PCs and other devices that are not suited to reading large amounts of copy on a tiny screen. To capitalize on this trend, marketing professionals need to understand and embrace the use of video as a marketing communication tool. They must also develop a strategy for effectively and affordably supporting web video content across numerous platforms. The challenge facing them is that different devices support different technologies and no single solution exists today.

Fortunately, solutions are not expensive, nor are they difficult to implement. They simply require determining your priorities and establishing a system of management that fits your goals. A lot of these decisions will be based on the variables such as:

  • How many videos you own?
  • In what format were your videos created?
  • What is the file size of your videos?
  • Are videos specific to a marketing campaign or will they be integrated directly into your web content?
  • Do videos need to be secure to protect proprietary information or support lead generation activities?
  • How well do your videos represent your brand?

Security and campaign/website integration are the most complex aspects of developing a video management strategy. If security is not important, you can potentially utilize free resources such as YouTube to host your videos. YouTube is widely supported by almost all devices and provides virtually unlimited storage space. It does however limit your ability to post longer videos and secure those videos for lead generation purposes. It also places similar videos together, meaning your video could be played alongside competitor videos. Therefore, if your goal is to identify targets through registration, an alternative solution would be warranted.

Another common solution being adopted by companies is the creation of multimedia sites. Often branded with a subdomain of “TV.yourdomain.com”, these sites bring all your videos together in a single place. This is helpful when you own a large number of resources or when videos are related in content. These sites give you much more control over how content is displayed and who sees it, but it also requires that you take the extra time to identify the type of device being utilized and how to support it.

At ResponsePoint, we’re constantly evaluating new ways to improve the way our customers build lead generation campaigns, communicate with their customers and support their marketing efforts. This includes helping them streamline and support the use of multimedia elements such as video. For help understanding how you can benefit from the use of video on your website or within your integrated marketing campaigns, just give us a call.