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Reengineered B2B Email Marketing
process delivers ROI


Our client has a consistent presence leveraging trade shows, webinars, and seminars, and uses surveys to collect attendee interest information and feedback at each event. Unfortunately, due to internal bandwidth and resource limitations, these newly generated contacts were getting stalled in the sales funnel. So qualified leads went cold, and sales opportunities were lost.


  • Create a follow-up campaign that connects with prospects immediately
  • Implement and maintain a cost-effective process focused on email communications
  • Create a nurturing protocol for opted-in prospects


  • A decrease in viable opportunities for event-based marketing
  • Lack of internal resources to develop, implement, and maintain consistent follow-up effort
  • Budget restrictions required a creative approach
  • Data wasn’t being collected or used, so no metrics could be set, tested, and beat


  • Developed and helped launch a new follow-up email campaign and refined process
  • Created a follow-up email marketing communications program using customized, high-end creative and messaging—at a lower cost
  • Researched all aspects of corporate and CAN-SPAM compliance to develop a protocol and ensure adherence to requirements
  • Implemented schedule for timely entry of survey data and contact information into the database (often within days of the event)
  • Put measurement tools in place to evaluate campaign progress each quarter and deliver detailed reports
  • Tabulated the survey results and organized the list of opt-in contacts after each event
  • Supervised the distribution process to ensure accuracy and timeliness of lead opportunity follow-up.


Streamlined process and decreased follow-up timing from 3+ weeks to just days. Developed and managed workflow and process for eight emails per quarter sent for a total of 737 new contact recipients. Achieved an open percentage of 49.7% resulting in significant improvements to opt-in results. Achieved client objectives to reduce costs and strengthen ROI for critical event follow-up process. Built an invaluable opt-in process and database for future outreach, product updates, and promotions.

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Putting strategic focus onto a stalled follow-up process allowed for a targeted, quicker approach to email communications. Assessing and optimizing lead generation efforts, resources, programs, and marketing initiatives can increase your ROI while decreasing your overhead.