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Our client wanted to open a new revenue opportunity with an as-yet untouched (by them) market. The entertainment company had identified a potential for educational programs for schools, and wanted to generate interest in class field trips.


  • Use slower, weekday morning hours to create more revenue and utilize existing resources
  • Create awareness of company as desirable destination for educators and their classes


  • Dead hours create revenue dips— The slower morning hours left staff underutilized and resulted in lower revenue
  • New program, new market—The client had no traction in the educational community, so they needed to create awareness and excitement


Bold and Beautiful Design—Response point created a visually impactful, comprehensive direct mail campaign to raise awareness and engage interest in the new product.

  • Strategic messaging focused on the advantages of exposing students to interactive and exciting new learning opportunities, incorporating relevant research to emphasize the advantages of learning in a new environment.
  • Content included clear and comprehensive details about each of the 11 field trip options. The wide variety of subject matter ensured something for everyone.
  • Value-add materials were included as links to supplemental educational materials that would support the teacher’s curriculum with lesson plans and activities included. The downloadable resource guides were free, and therefore a powerful trust builder and incentive for educators that may have limited resources.
  • All details around planning a field trip—from timing to pricing—were given upfront and displayed very clearly to show a respect for teacher’s time and to provide the details they would need to know first before considering the offerings.
  • Educators were grouped into three targeted buckets, and a total of 25,000 individual teachers were included in the campaign.
  • Geo-targeting was utilized, keeping contacts within a 15-mile radius of the client’s location


87 events were held over the course of a year as a result of the lead generation campaign
There were 8,993 participants in the new program (104 attendees per field trip)
The ROI was 300%
The campaign revealed that this new market was viable, and helped to generate revenue during non-peak hours


Stepping outside of a company’s offerings to consider potential new markets is an excellent way to identify revenue-generating opportunities. Once a viable opportunity is chosen, a combination of good research, eye-catching design and compelling messaging is required to gain traction and awareness in the new market.

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