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Listen to customer feedback to create loyalty with existing customers

Promotional overhaul leads to 30% more orders


Our client was seeking a strategic way to create loyalty with existing customers during the Holiday 2019 buying season. Through a customer satisfaction survey, our client had learned that their active existing customers felt unappreciated and that they should be rewarded for their high-value purchases. This view that they were not valued was leading to a loss in loyalty with existing customers going to competitors. The truth of the survey results were evident in the fact that over the past five years, the number of B2B customers within the client’s active existing customer segment had declined by 44%.


Increase loyalty and brand perception within the customer group, while also:

  • Increasing conversion rate
  • Increasing revenue
  • Increasing average order size
  • Increasing purchase frequency


  • Engagement—44% loss in active customers over the past five years partially as a result of too small, too few reward offerings for customers
  • Perception—customers feel undervalued considering the average purchase amount is over $1,400, multiple times a year
  • Competition—major competitor offered a more limited product solution with more restrictions, but is gaining market share and brand loyalty


Develop a strategy and implement a program that would increase loyalty and brand perception with their existing customers in a cost-effective manner, while incentivizing customers to purchase during the campaign time frame.

  • Offer Customization—appealed to a wider breadth of customers by offering a variety of incentive options and created a three-pronged promotional calendar, so that customers could participate in more than one promotion over the course of the holiday season if desired.
  • Design Overhaul—created an expensive, unique looking dimensional (flat rate) mailer that stood out in the mail and conveyed a sense of worth. Sought to trigger an emotional response with the creative in order to create positive feelings that would make customers think affirmatively of the client. Designed a truly unique Pop-up piece that customers would want to keep on their desk, post to social media, and share with their co-workers and friends—all of which worked to keep the client top of mind during the holiday season. Plus, the push-down, pop-up nature of the Pop-up created an instant stress reliever whenever needed.


Our client saw an increase in conversion, an increase in revenue, an increase in average order size, an increase in total orders, and an increase in orders by unique customer.

  • Sales conversion increased by 45%.
  • Revenue increased by 20%.
  • Average order size increased by $30.
  • Average customer placed 1.18 orders, which is up from the prior 1.02 orders per customer.
  • Total orders increased by 30%.
  • Number of unique customers placing an order increased 17%

The high-quality, interactive, and rich looking feel of the client mailer, in conjunction with the three different incentive offers over three different time periods, helped to address previous customer concerns—they were heard and appreciated. Providing a richer experience with three offers resulted in customers having a choice in what offer suited their needs. The dimensional pop-up mailer created the exciting, buzz-worthy, enjoyable experience that the campaign sought to achieve.


Listen to your existing customers to create loyalty. Being nimble in your marketing strategy so that you can hear what your customers are saying and execute accordingly can mean the difference between losing a customer to a competitor or increasing your own brand loyalty.

Listen to Customer Feedback