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Our client needed a database updated—quickly—to spur product upgrades and new product sales for a product line that was 10+ years old. The very large database included many customers that had been purchasing for a very long time, but there was no system in place to track behaviors and remain engaged with them. Additionally, competitors were calling out the client’s product line as outdated and no longer supported by the industry.


  • Create an updated, streamlined, and track-able database
  • Prove relevance to potential customers and industry competition
  • Develop detailed customer account profiles for more targeted communications and consistency of engagement


  • Outdated database— Though large in size, the data needed organization and additional information to be effective in a marketing campaign
  • Competition questioning brand and product relevance—In this digital age, word of mouth can hurt a company, and our client needed to prove that they were still relevant and in the game


Re-engage—ResponsePoint worked with the client to create a customer re-engagement program. Using outbound telemarketing, companies that most recently purchased the product were targeted. Three objectives were identified:

  1. Upgrade the database and build profiles on every customer possible. This made way for the creation and implementation of targeted nurturing campaigns for future sales.
  2. Identify and develop qualified, hot leads for product retrofits, upgrades and new product sales.
  3. Generate awareness of new repair service for clients that purchased company products or competitor products.


88 qualified, hot leads identified in first six months (sales value of $2.3 million in revenue)
5,750% ROI produced
Length of buying cycle ensures continually improving ROI
Repair business customers identified for service expansion and significant income
1,000 target accounts profiled with full data
Nurturing campaign developed and launched using webinars, email, direct mail, and telemarketing to create brand reputation and foster stronger relationships with targeted accounts


Being the oldest one in the game doesn’t mean your brand and product are irrelevant. The truth is, you have more experience and expertise, and your client list is longer and more loyal. Taking the time to assess and refresh an older database and to develop a re-engagement campaign is the smartest way to create more brand traction, re-establish customer loyalties and boost ROI.

Re-Engagement Campaign

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