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Closed-Loop Lead Generation Program

Delivers Powerful Results


For our client, their National Sales team found themselves responsible for all of the marketing efforts to support their product line, in addition to their sales responsibilities. This National Sales team was highly-effective at closing business, but they lacked bandwidth and marketing expertise. Before long, they found themselves caught in a cycle of tactical marketing campaigns. While they were producing some qualified sales leads from their marketing efforts, the results were not as good as expected. This spiraling cycle of campaigns with lackluster results was concerning and the team wanted to break the cycle and improve the results as quickly as possible.


  • Build a single marketing database that would that would support marketing tactics.
  • Develop an ongoing, comprehensive process for effective targeting that would lead to continual qualified lead generation.
  • Define and create a profiling structure for prospects that would allow the sales team to effectively close more deals.
  • Establish benchmarks for future campaigns and on-going return-on-investment.


  • Lack of marketing-focused, internal resources to develop, implement, and maintain comprehensive lead generation campaigns.
  • Impossible to generate campaign tracking reports due to database structure and lack of internal resources.


  • Designed and implemented a telemarketing lead-generation program that cost-effectively produced a high-quality of sales ready leads at a rate that would support the client’s targeted revenue goals based on the new database profiling and targeting structure.
  • Nurtured database contacts that were not sales ready, so that profiling information was captured for future campaigns.
  • Proved the cost effectiveness of the program through accurate measurement reporting and tracking


During the first year, the investment by our client’s National Sales team in ResponsePoint’s activities produced:

  • 2,934 product selling presentations, at a cost of less than an hour of a sales person’s time.
  • 986 high-quality sales leads
  • a conversion rate of 32%, which equated to $3.4 million in revenue with an average cost per sale of $535 or 5% of the average purchase price.
  • a bump in loyalty with 95% of leads who made an equipment purchase during the campaign period purchasing from our client.
  • A return of $20 for every $1 invested.

Beyond the initial 20-to-1 ROI, ResponsePoint’s efforts laid the groundwork for an even greater future return. The nurturing of the non-sales ready contacts strengthened client-customer relationships and created more top of mind awareness and knowledge for our client’s product line up. These secondary benefits included:

  • 4,346 accounts profiled for future targeting and marketing efforts.
  • 2,707 new marketing contacts created.
  • 2,049 requests for information fulfilled.


Migration from a never-ending cycle of tactical campaigns to a closed-loop, sustainable lead generation model was the key to meeting targeted sales goals while significantly lowering the amount of budget that was not producing results. The key was the investment in creating a single marketing database that could be continually improved and expanded through all of the organization’s top-of-funnel efforts.