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Marketing automation solutions are a powerful tool for managing and optimizing your B2B lead generation activities. Not only can they help your company save time and resources by automating many of your lead nurturing programs; they can also simplify campaign tracking, enhance prospect targeting and perhaps most importantly, improve the quality of the leads you produce.

Getting the most from your marketing automation solution, just like any other software product, requires a commitment to understanding the technology and the dedication to implementing the processes and strategies necessary to make it work. For marketing automation solutions, this requires very specific expertise gained through real-world experience working with the technology.

Hiring this expertise can often be difficult and developing it internally can presents a significant learning curve. For companies investing in a new system, this learning curve can delay and reduce the benefits of the investment. To minimize this risk, you have the option of outsourcing your marketing automation implementation and support.

To determine if outsourcing your marketing automation implementation and support is right for you, consider these four indicators.

  • Will there be a single go-to person for marketing automation support?
    If you answered “yes” to this question, you’re doing well. Efficiency is developed through repetition and practice. Centralizing the administration and maintenance of campaigns, lists, landing pages and other elements is best managed by a single person or a dedicated group to avoid confusion and overlap. Having multiple people make changes to programs can create confusion, or worse, inadvertently undo the work others have done.
  • Do you have competing priorities and struggle to maintain focus?
    If utilizing your marketing automation solution isn’t a priority, then it will simply become the tool your company uses to build forms, send e-mail and manage lists. To optimize its value, the focus needs to be placed on leveraging the technology to improve the performance of all your marketing programs -not the other way around.
  • Do you have the writing, HTML programming and creative skills on staff to support using the technology?
    Marketing automation solutions are incredibly easy-to-use and contain drop and drag features that make building landing pages and email campaigns simple. However, to truly capitalize on the functionality, having additional design, web development and writing skills is helpful. Having all three of these in a single individual is even better because it promotes efficiency. This is why finding and hiring experienced, quality marketing automation professionals is difficult.
  • Do you have the time and background necessary to evaluate multiple technology options?
    There are numerous marketing automation solutions out there and they are not all the same. Choosing the right solution for your organization requires prior knowledge of how you plan to use the technology to ensure that you get what you need upfront.

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above, you may be a candidate for outsourcing your marketing automation implementation and support. At ResponsePoint, we understand the intricacies of working with these technologies and do so daily for ourselves and our clients. And we have experience working with different platforms such as Act-On, Pardot and Marketo. Each offers its own unique benefits and we can help you determine which is right for you, as well as get you up and running as quickly as possible.