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Telemarketing is not a dirty word. ResponsePoint develops qualified leads with real-time B2B relationship marketing.


Replenishing the sales funnel with new leads is vital to the momentum of your company’s success. Profiling and qualifying your lists to provide viable leads to sales is often lost to lack of resources, bandwidth or having a solid process in place. ResponsePoint offers proven, reliable telemarketing services for B2B lead generation and nurturing programs. Our experience, approach and process can create huge shifts across your marketing and sales departments—boosted ROI, more qualified leads, and a pipeline that functions smoothly.

What does today’s telemarketing look like, and why is it a great tactic for your business?

ResponsePoint takes a different approach to telemarketing. We build trust and rapport with prospects, engaging them in relevant conversations—and we recognize who is interested in moving forward toward conversion. We find and talk to decision-makers in order to uncover their exact pain points and wish lists. And because our call team is fully versed in the art of effective and persuasive communication, these relationship skills are what build trust and turn prospects into qualified leads. We qualify current lists, re-engage former customers, and identify new targets… whatever you particular need is, our telemarketing experts can make a big impact on your sales pipeline.

What makes us successful with our clients is identifying what the client needs and then building a program that replicates and evolves upon those needs for optimal success.

The ResponsePoint Telemarketing Program includes:

  • Experienced sales development representatives based in the US
  • Customized call guides for specific goals
  • Proven iterative campaign launch methodology
  • Customer profiling and data analysis reports
  • Data cleanup, updating or acquisition
  • Integrated follow-up email efforts or drip programs
  • Long-term nurturing support with database management and development
  • lose supervision and management of program
“Inside sales and telemarketing are 2 of the top methods that work for lead generation.”

— Marketingprofs

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Marketing Profiling

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Database Management

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