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Telemarketing is not a dirty word. ResponsePoint develops qualified leads with real-time B2B relationship marketing.

Market Profiling

Successfully identifying and closing leads starts with the very important—and often overlooked—process of market profiling. Whether you are looking to your current pipeline of leads to mine potential customers, or seeking new leads and better ways to communicate with them, having a strong market profiling process in place is vital.

ResponsePoint helps businesses develop a strategic market profiling program, with landmarks that fit into your bandwidth and accommodate your specific sales goals. We’ll start by identifying your desired markets, and some you hadn’t considered yet. Then we’ll break down everything you need in order to communicate effectively and directly to that audience. From the decision maker and their pain points to the most effective techniques to reach them, we create an end-to-end plan for successful targeting.

Using a combination of data acquisition, management and augmentation strategies, our call center experts will quickly identify your best sales targets, providing you with a high-quality database that:

  • Expands your sales pipeline
  • Supports your marketing automation initiatives
  • Targets your direct or indirect marketing campaigns
  • Develops a long-term lead nurturing strategy

“Inside sales and telemarketing are 2 of the top methods that work for lead generation.”

— Marketingprofs

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If you’re ready to move forward with a better way to target prospects, ResponsePoint would be happy to help.

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