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Telemarketing is not a dirty word. ResponsePoint develops qualified leads with real-time B2B relationship marketing.

Direct Mail

If you think that direct mail no longer is a viable method of lead generation, we’d like to offer a different perspective. Sure, digital marketing has gained popularity due to lower costs and faster tracking ability. But poorly-run campaigns can run into issues; bad lists, oversaturation and opt-outs. Direct mail can—and does—have a big impact on lead generation and relationship building. The key to successful DM campaigns is to understand the communication methods that work, and to create messaging and design that resonates with your target audience.

We’re going to need a bigger envelope.
A successful direct mail campaign requires more than personalized messaging and a big list. It takes the right list, targeting the right prospects. It also takes good-looking creative and smart, relatable copy. ResponsePoint uses an end-to-end approach to ensure clear communication, stunning visuals, and potent language that gets results. We roll all of that up with a high-functioning response protocol for fast, accurate lead follow through.

We understand the power of being direct.
We’ll never suggest or encourage a service that doesn’t fit in with your lead generation goals. If we see significant potential for a direct mail program in your company, we will collaborate closely with you to ensure that all aspects of the campaign are aligned with the audience you want to reach, how you want to speak to them, and the actions you wish them to take. Done well, direct mail can be a large contributor to the success of your lead generation efforts, and to the improvement of your ROI.

“Targeted B2B direct mail has a response rate of 4.4%, while email’s rate is only .12%.”

— Direct Marketing Association

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