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Smarter data means better leads.

Database Management

A successful lead generation program requires a clean, strategic list. Continually purchasing lists or using outdated lists results in a lot less leads—and a lot more wasted time and resources. The quality of your data is paramount to the success of your sales team.

By creating your own list organically, your teams are working with a much stronger lead base. ResponsePoint’s database management services help you build a smarter, better list-building practice—and more effective ways to grow it. We provide services like standardizing disparate data, scrubbing current lists, suppressing, and segmenting your data. We also assist our clients with improving list performance through research, target recommendations and data acquisition.

ResponsePoint doesn’t just help you build a one-time list of prospects. In order to maintain a successful momentum with lead generation, your database needs to be designed with learning capabilities. Each time you adjust or add to data, that database will become more intelligent, and able to offer refined and enhanced insights.

With the right protocols for list building, and a smart database in place, you will create a priceless company asset. Your data will be clean and accurate, your prospects will be well matched, and your leads will have a much stronger chance at becoming closes.

Although 63% of survey respondents describe their sales and marketing data as dirty, more than half of them (55%) indicate that their companies have no formal data-cleaning process in place.

— Direct Marketing News

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