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Lead Nurturing Programs

Lead Nurturing

When your business is investing a lot of time and money in generating leads, it seems counterintuitive to allow those leads to sit and go cold. Unfortunately, whether due to bandwidth, process or sales funnel gaps, this is one of the most common issues in the lead funnel. When your marketing team receives leads that have displayed lukewarm interest, those leads require strategic, thoughtful action. To offload them into a database is a recipe for dead leads (and for a cumbersome and inefficient database). To pass them on to sales before they are thoroughly vetted creates frustration and wasted time.

“94% of marketing qualified leads never close.”
-Sirius Decisions

So what’s the solution to keep momentum and avoid pile-up of useless leads? Developing and implementing a lead nurturing process is one of the most cost-effective ways to turn warm leads into highly qualified leads. Taking the time to create a strong lead nurturing practice increases the potency of your marketing initiatives and the efficiency of your sales team.

ResponsePoint helps businesses identify pain points in the sales funnel, targeting exactly where lead nurturing needs to be implemented and creating a sustainable process that is specific to your needs. Having an outside expertise brings a perspective to the process that shows you opportunities and obstacles.

If you’re still on the fence about a lead nurturing program, take a look at these compelling reasons to have one in place:

  • Improved lead qualification
  • Relevant messaging for your targets
  • Reduced marketing and sales costs
  • Repurpose what works, lose what doesn’t
  • Improved sales timing

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