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The third leg of our lead generation stool is lead nurturing, and it is also the most important. Unlike telemarketing and market profiling, lead nurturing is more closely related to the sales process than any of the other activities.


In the most basic terms, lead nurturing is lead generation. It’s the process of taking a prospect from the interest and awareness stage of your sales pipeline to the buying stage. In many organizations this process is inappropriately placed upon the sales team. As a result, opportunities are lost or are simply never realized because they fall through the cracks or do not receive the attention they deserve.

Implementing a well-run lead nurturing program is the best thing you can do to improve your lead generation activities. This is true, because it allows your sales teams to focus on closing deals, while ensuring you accurately track, manage and cultivate your B and C quality leads into sales ready opportunities.

This is accomplished through a combination of outbound calling, email and events that are targeted specifically to the prospects needs and interest. This can take months or even years depending on the complexity of your sales cycle and is fostered by building relevant, meaningful relationships with your prospects along the way.

By understanding how telemarketing, market profiling and lead nurturing support your lead generation programs you will be better equipped to use them to grow your sales and build your marketing strategies. In turn, this will not only help you improve your marketing ROI and your ability to generate more, better quality leads, but it will improve your relationship with sales.

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