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B2B Lead Nurturing and Telemarketing

Should a B2B lead nurturing campaign rely solely on marketing automation? On the one hand, automation has allowed marketers to pinpoint their ongoing communication efforts to prospective customers with targeted emails at segmented audiences.

The problem is — it may not be enough or effective.

How many emails does the typical prospect get a day? Estimates vary, but some say as many as 100-200. And even though personalization and skilled copywriting have improved the odds of material being read, it can still be a dead-end for many marketers.

That’s where telemarketing can play an important role.

Lead nurturing and telemarketing should go hand-in-hand. They are two sides of the same marketing coin. 

While it’s gotten harder to reach people, there’s still tremendous value in reaching people in-person. It’s more personal and human. It allows for more opportunity to react and switch gears. It allows for easier follow-up questions. In other words, telemarketing can do things emails can’t do.

What’s the ideal solution? Some combination. Use marketing automation as needed, but supplement it with a pro-active telemarketing campaign that really gets at the heart of any marketing operation — turning prospects into customers. If telemarketing can help drive sales and fill in the gaps left behind by marketing automation, then every penny spent on phone calling is a wise investment.