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One of the most powerful and little used aspects of a marketing automation solution is its ability to personalize information presented to users. Integrating personalized content into your marketing campaigns is not a new concept. Adding someone’s name to the introduction of an e-mail is common. The true power of personalization however is being able to integrate the more in-depth knowledge of your customers maintained within CRM tools to customize emails, landing pages and even support custom offline content.

Through the use of variable tags, you can populate specific content based on a user’s unique profile. This could include anything from highlighting a specific segment to changing entire paragraphs of content based on known user elements. These variable tags can be leveraged in e-mails, on web pages or exported for use with Purls, direct mail, literature or other tools.

Additionally, content can be turned on or off based on your prospect’s specific interest or stage in the buying cycle. Using basic logic functions, you can build rules which tell the system to display specific content for some users and suppress it for others. A great example of this is to highlight a 15% discount for customers who haven’t made a purchase in more than 90 days, while offering a 10% discount to customers who have purchased within that window of time.

How you use personalization is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that research shows that customization and relevance improve the performance of lead generation programs.