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When your goal is to consistently develop high quality sales leads, implementing a lead nurturing program is vital to your B2B lead generation efforts. This smart financial decision will not only produce superior quality leads, it can also:

  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Provide greater knowledge of each prospect
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Improve campaign targeting
  • Better utilize your sales team’s time

How Does Lead Nurturing Work?

Lead nurturing grows your relationship with each prospect individually, learning key information points, before passing a lead off to sales. Information is developed in a variety of ways. You can use almost any medium (phone, email, websites, direct mail, etc.). The keys are personalization, effective targeting and sophisticated data tracking. Each communication touch enhances your knowledge of that prospect. Likewise, the prospect’s potential buying interest should grow, just as their knowledge of your products and services group matures.

Making this possible is the introduction of data marketing, marketing automation and variable data printing. Using a combination of these three technologies, it is possible to track user activity and interests as well as customize your communications to the interests and buying stage of the prospect. Plus routine activities can be automated, allowing you more time to focus on active sales opportunities.

When done correctly, implementing a lead nurturing program is a smart financial decision. A well-structured and implemented program allows you to maximize your sales team’s time, improve the ROI of your marketing programs and eliminate wasted time chasing unqualified opportunities. ResponsePoint makes it easier for companies to implement a lead nurturing program. We offer several programs, including our sales enablement program, which is specifically designed for businesses with an established sales department but limited marketing support. It’s a cost effective B2B lead generation platform for companies in need of a steady stream of leads but without the resources to hire, train and manage a full-time marketing department.