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Re-engagement program provides a proven and effective way of generating new leads from old lists

Often overlooked but generating new leads from old lists is a great place to start. After acquiring a competitor, our partner in the manufacturing industry discovered as many as 20 boxes of customer lists dating back to the 1940s. They knew this lists represented a golden opportunity for retrofit and add-on product sales, but they had no idea where to start. For help, they turned to ResponsePoint to convert those lists into a usable electronic database and begin profiling each account to identify immediate and future lead opportunities.

To do this, we first need to overcome a few obstacles including:

  • Appending the list with the current street addresses and phone numbers.
  • Identifying active accounts still in business.
  • Prioritizing a communication strategy to identify leads as quickly as possible.
  • Identifying the appropriate contacts and decision makers at each location.
  • Capturing the interest and maintaining a dialog with engineers and facility managers.

To do this, ResponsePoint initiated extensive research effort to build-out each database record with valid contact information while eliminating customers that were no longer in business. We then launched a sophisticated outbound telemarketing program to engage hard-to-reach senior engineers and plant facility managers in a lead-generating dialogue about retrofit and add-on products.

The results were impressive. High-quality leads were generated at a rate of one per telemarketing hour and immediately passed on to sales reps to close. Other qualified leads who were not ready to purchase were identified and added to a centralized marketing database for future targeting. The cost per lead for this campaign was less than $50, while each potential retrofit sale was valued at over $50,000.

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