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A re-engagement program provides a proven and effective way to generate new leads from old lists.

New leads are found in old lists.

This is a great place to jumpstart and accelerate your sales process.
Our manufacturing industry client acquired a competitor. As part of a housecleaning effort, boxes of old customer records were found. This was a golden opportunity for retrofit and add-on product sales. However, it was unclear to the sales team how to get started mining this old data. For help, they turned to ResponsePoint to convert those lists into a usable electronic database. We encoded the dusty archives into a digital format. Next, we appended current street addresses and phone numbers to each record. The marketing and sales teams worked with ResponsePoint to define the profile criteria to find new leads from old lists.


  • Identify active accounts still in business.
  • Develop a communication strategy to identify leads as quickly as possible.
  • Engage the appropriate contacts and decision-makers at each location.
  • Capture the interest and maintain a dialog with engineers and facility managers.

ResponsePoint used online research to build out each database record. Customers that were no longer in business were eliminated from the target list. Next, we launched an outbound telemarketing program. The goal was to engage hard-to-reach senior engineers and plant facility managers in a lead-generating dialogue. We needed to uncover opportunities for retrofit and add-on products.

Results: New Leads from old lists

The results were impressive. High-quality, new leads developed at a rate of one per telemarketing hour. Qualified leads were immediately sent to sales reps to close. Other qualified leads, who were not ready to purchase, were identified. These potential leads were added to a centralized marketing database for ongoing nurture. The cost per lead was less than the cost of an hour of a salesperson’s time, while each potential retrofit sale was valued at over $50,000.

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