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Similar to telemarketing, the primary purpose of market profiling is to set the foundation for future conversations with your sales organization while it uncovers specific information about your target market. As its name implies, Market Profiling is utilized to research a specific market to identify the potential opportunities that exist. This differs from telemarketing and lead nurturing in that the depth of the research is primarily at the company level and takes in a few individuals, whereas telemarketing is looking for key decision makers.

Using market profiling to improve lead generationBuilding a market profile for lead generation is less a sales call than it is an educational initiative both for the sponsoring company and the prospects being targeted. Building a market profile is the process used to develop a baseline from which to launch future sales activities. It can be combined with other activities such as data aggregation and augmentation, but eventually you will want to make phone calls to supplement this information.

To help facilitate these calls, market profiling programs are often supported by webinars, white papers and other events that provide value to the target audience in a non-sales environment. This helps get the conversation started and help receptionists and administrative assistants direct you to the appropriate resource. The primary goals of market profiling are to:

  • Identify corporate fit for products and solutions
  • Identify as many potential target contacts as possible (influencers and decision makers)
  • Collect corporate qualification criteria such as if they engaged with a competitor and determining their level of satisfaction with that solution.

Building a market profile and telemarketing are very similar activities and frequently overlap. In fact, seldom is a market profiling program done without immediate sales leads being produced. For that reason, you need to prepare and train your team to handle these opportunities as well.

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